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Active since the 1st July 2008, OneBit is expert into the design of complex infrastructures where Open Source solutions play an important role. In these infrastructures, we are expert into the integration of Open Source solutions into commercial software environment.


OneBit is led by Benoit Gerrienne, a expert into various Open Source solution who's already worked for large and well renommed companies like Telindus in Leuven and Bull

With more than 18 years of experience in the field of IT, from a simple Customer Engineer to an expert IT Consultant, Benoit is a generalist, not specialist. He's eager to learn more, to practice more. Since his early times in Telindus, he has followed the Linux / Unix track with keeping an eye on the Microsoft one. He's not integrist but an integrator who can make two different worlds like Linux and Windows lives happy together. Benoit has worked on small to very large infrastructures, in almost all business sectors (public, private, finance, health, transport, industry, ...). Implementing collaboration systems, database servers, web and application servers, VPN, firewalls, proxies, ...
Benoit can design your whole infrastructure from an high-level view to the functional analyse and the choice of the correct solution to fit the business needs. Also Benoit can link with the specialists who build each specific brick and keep everything glue together to run smoothly.
Benoit has a proven experience into various field of the ICT land of today. His expertize is directed into different main areas, where Open Source solutions have already demonstrated there excellence since a few years now.

Benoit has the following key expertizes in these areas
  • Strong expertize in the Open Source world
  • Searching and selecting of the correct OSS project to answer your need
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft world to be able to integrate with it
  • The collaboration inside the entreprise
  • Linux and the Open Source world
  • The Big Data challenges for the Entreprises
  • Network, Applications and Business monitoring
  • Mastering systems administration and engineering
  • IT Infrastructure and Solutions Architecture
  • Strong knowledge and pratice of the security for applications and infrastructure
  • Background in the field of networking technologies
  • Web sites setup & administration with Web CMS
Benoit masters the following products
Linux ElasticSearch NiFi Hadoop Kafka Storm MongoDB Hive MySQL PostgreSQL Nagios/Icinga PNP4Nagios Zimbra Collaboration Server Apache web server OpenLDAP Postfix Sendmail Perl scripting Shell scripting Drupal PHP scripting

If you think that you can benefit from our knowledge, just get in touch we us.

View Benoit Gerrienne's profile on LinkedIn
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e-mail : benoit (at) onebit (dot) be